The success of Praxis began over 20 years ago in the NY & NJ no-fault market. Files with missed subrogation potential were found, pursued, and recovered. Automobile claim payment recovery is our specialty, driven by a technique proven to offer the greatest degree of cost and time effectiveness.

Automobile With an extensive proficiency in the claims and subrogation process, Praxis inventively discovers, examines, and recuperates owed damages from respective entities who ought to bear the ultimate financial responsibility. The subrogation opportunities found range from a mere oversight to intricate liability/coverage circumstances and disputes. Along with the capacity to recover in all 50 states, Praxis grasps and applies legal doctrines to unique and unexampled varieties of loss.

 Collision Considering each state has exclusive regulations governing the collection of damages, our specialized units proficiently switch gears locating the routes most pertinent to a wholesome settlement. Praxis boasts a recovery team of licensed adjusters who are continuously trained to an utmost level in ethics and comprehension of insurance standards. Our sharp investigation team is provided a plethora of resources to exhaust in each instance of coverage, liability, or statutory opportunity. The investigation team is competent in understanding the value of each claim prior to notice, and bears the tact judgement to close any exposure or less than opportune file. Along with our auditors, the process of collecting collision files is fine-tuned to an expert scope and grade.

 Injury With a foundation in no-fault, Praxis trademarks a sophisticated approach to the recuperation of injury claims nationwide. As diction found in policies intermingle with legislation governing a loss, Praxis holds a rigid and precise insight of where potential lies within an injury claim. Not all recovered dollars are based on negligence/liability; priority of payment and concurrent coverage opportunities are discovered regularly. Our detection and recovery of unique instances provides an added value of true consulting service. The clients we serve not only reap the financial benefits but also strengthen and reassure their subrogation endeavors with the acumen of recovered files remitted.

Identifying and successfully recovering No-Fault/Med Pay subrogation is complex, time consuming and has a longer tail to resolution. Each state has its own set of laws and guidelines, thus treating subrogation differently. Each claim type has its own nuances to be understood and liability is often contested with claimed damages being scrutinized and reduced. Focus and expertise are of paramount importance.

Companies that look to niche service providers like Praxis for solutions in a broader strategic context understand that, with proper financial analyses, governance, and methodologies, they gain greater business value and competitive advantages. Praxis has been helping its business partners gain a competitive edge through subrogation for two decades. Years of industry insight, a methodical approach, savvy use of technology, and a knowledgeable team of dedicated professionals have enabled our success.

The capacities described above have advanced positive and ongoing relationships with eight out of ten of the nation’s largest Property and Casualty writers and nearly 100 super regionals and not-standard companies. Our brand as the most dexterous subrogation and recovery company ensures every demand is regarded with the highest level of deliberation. Praxis is committed to a professional representation of every client we serve. Our product is crafted to fit individual needs; offered as a Closed File Review, Business Process Outsource, or a combination of both. Please visit our Solutions tab to further explore the unmatched service we are pleased to offer.